Friday, March 6, 2020

Writing US History Topic Essay Topic

Writing US History Topic Essay TopicWe know how important it is to write a dissertation on a particular topic that is of historical interest and is a major interest of the students. One way of writing a thesis in US History Topic area is by organizing the topics from the past century and applying the same to the present. It is an interesting experience to make the year go by. The aim of this essay topic is to be useful and a lot of patience is required.The USA was formed with the help of a revolution that took place in Britain when they were forced to dissolve the Royal House of Hohenzollern. This was the biggest revolution in the English language. In the USA, the Constitution of 1787 was enacted and has defined the land of USA. According to the American Laws and Statutes, the powers of government were divided into three branches: Executive, Judiciary and Legislative. In United States of America, Article 1 Section 8 provides that the powers not delegated to the United States, are res erved to the states respectively.In the US Constitution, the right to vote and to hold office was given to all citizens equally. All men of full age and of the residence within the original country, except slaves and aliens, were permitted to vote. They had to provide some proof of citizenship and for twenty years they had to pay a poll tax of two dollars and one-half on their first election. The registration fee was six pounds, and fifty dollars on their third election. For thirty years and eight ounces, they had to pay a poll tax of five pounds.Until 1801, every person had legal rights. However, Congress could grant them or regulate them in their own way. To make sure the system of American Constitution was working, they introduced the bicameral legislature in which a president, a vice president and senators were elected by the state legislatures.The First Congress in the United States of America lasted only for six months and the Second Congress lasted for ten months. The Third C ongress was elected after twelve years. In the US Congress, there are many members who are required to take the oath of office in the presence of the president. The national debt was not made public till 1813.These are the dates when the US Constitution was being developed. There was no war until the end of the Civil War. The American Revolution was a result of war between North and South.From the early days, the US has shown the fact that while peace is inevitable, that can also be a very dangerous period when people become violent. During this period, there were many wars and the concept of liberty was born. This was a period that has been remembered because it was the bloodiest time in the history of mankind. It was a time when the strength of the people was tested by the strength of the government.

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